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Femme de reves infines

Femme de reves infines
Je suis un seul, parmi million
Vous avez essaye de blesser
Vous avez essaye de casser
Pourtant Je Avance, Avance!

To vois, au fond,
Je suis La reine,
Je fais le monde, a ma facon
Pourtant je avance, Avance!

Cest moi, maitre de ma destiny,
La maitre de jue de La vie
Vous essayez de me renverser
Pourtant Je Avance, Avance!

Je ferme mes yuex,
Et voir une belle vie a venir
Bonhuer, success et bien plus encore
Je suis, femme de reves infines!

Woman of Infinite dreams
I am only one, among millions
You tried to hurt
You tried to break
Yet I advance, advance!

You see, deep down
I am the queen
I build the world my way
Yet I advance, advance!

It's me,who makes my destiny
Master of the game of life
You try to reverse me
Yet I advance, advance!

I close my eyes
And see a beautiful life ahead
Happiness, success and so much more
I am, the woman of infinite dreams

Rupashree Rangaiyengar


There was a time when,
I used to come home,
Having topped the class,
And acing the Co curriculars.

There was a time when,
My parents & grandma's family ,
Called everyone repeatedly,
To celebrate my success.

There was a time when,
I was overwhelmingly shy,
By all the attention,
The acclaim and the praise

Nows the time,
My heart seems to burst,
With pride and joy,
Seeing the star on your hands.

Nows the time,
I tear up at every PTM,
When you shine,
Seeing all the good grades.

Nows the time,
I always embarass myself,
Praising your good heart
Seeing all your kindness

There was a time when,
My wins seemed so inconsequential,
Nows the time my son,
Your wins mean more to me than mine.

P. S: Son shines again :). Feels like my heart is bursting seeing his smile, his kindness, his affectionate good heart, his talents, his dedication to learn, his amazing intelligence and his ability to make me smile amidst any stress. I thank God each morning for this little bundle of joy in my life. I'm indeed blessed!


The Burden of Morality

Dear God,

It is time that you fill in some semblance of sense in the patriarchal menfolk whose only objective is to objectify any passably attractive woman. We, womenfolk are tired of being told that even our breathing can provoke a man's lust. Not to mention how 8 men signed an executive order in the US last week which curtailed women reproduction rights! Not to mention the wonderful platitudes about beauty that our Indian politicians wax about!

Scene 1
She : Thus the algorithm proposed should be adequately tested as the performance numbers look skewed. So let's take a look at it , now?

He : (condescending grin) Wow. An accent. You should become a TV anchor! Pretty face and a pretty smile and such a frown due to all this boring work.

She : Huh?

Scene 2
Interviewer : Are you married? Kids?

She : (looks down, sideways, thinking hard about the relevance)

Interviewer : No if you are married, you'll get pregnant and work will get busy. You won't be able to keep up.

She : (walks out)

Scene 3:

She : Well folks that's the end of the presentation.

He : Can you help mentor me on this area?

She : Absolutely.

< Two weeks of coding and working on the same team >

His friends : (whistle, smile and pat the guy on the back) Looks like you scored!

He : (grins like a total idiot)

She : ( embarassed to death .Convinced not to even look at any guy in the future, let alone smile like a human or mentor him)

Scene 4:

She : No , i don't like watching movies

He : Sure no problem. We can watch netflix at home

She : (desperately feigns a headache)

He : I'll drive you to the doctor.

She : (miraculously recovers)

He : Lets go for dinner!

She : (runs away)

Scene 5:

[on IM] He : Hi.

[on IM] She : Hello. What's up?

[on IM] He : Nothing is up. Everything is down.

[on IM] She: Sorry. Do you need help with something?

[on IM] He : (smiley emoticon) (winking emoticon)

[on IM] She : (Logout)

Scene 6:

She: My eyes are up! Can we fix this issue soon?

He : (lascivious grin) Why, whats the hurry?

Scene 7
She : we should get a divorce

Husband: Sure.Post divorce you know you will become an easy woman!(scorning swear word)

She: (atleast your beatings will stop.Never mind me being easy!)

Scene 8

Son : She's demanding a divorce. I hit her. She provoked me.

Mom-in-law: She's a woman after all. You are the man!People will queue up for you. She'll be termed easy!

Daughter-in-law : ( Ha ha! Good luck to him finding another woman willing to look at that ugly face night after night.)

Scene 9
She : A breathless 20 minute explanation of a computer solution !

Him: Your voice sounds like music to my ears.

She : (That was static on the phone, Silly)

Yours truly,
Reluctant feminists' whose cleavage attracts more attention than their far superior brains!


Little Knight

Dedicated to my son <3<3

Antennae poised
Gait so crooked
Glinting eyes
Roach scares me.

Rushing forth
My little knight
Slays the beast
Protector of me!

PS : My little son is a cute little Knight in shining armor.
He has taken it upon himself to be my guardian protector against all things I dislike.
And as you know I keep adoring him more and more :) :)

P.P.S: What is it about a mom and her son? The emotion and love is so powerful that i havent felt anything like this!

True Love!

Your tiny hands as they hold mine,
Your bright eyes shining upto me with love,
Your naughty smile teasing me,
As i rain kisses on your face.

I watch with pride as you do your puzzles,
Marvel at a quick ball you can throw,
I adore the little things you do,
To make me feel loved.

Your love for me shines bright,
As you run towards me every time,
Hug me after a hard days work,
Hardships seem so trivial now.

I feel full of joy and happiness,
As i contemplate building our life,
You are God's present to me,
As i hope to become yours.

My throats clogs when i remember the times,
I moved heaven and earth to save you,
Fought mightier people than me,
And succeeded in protecting you and me.

My eyes fill up with tears as i see,
The way my parents and family strive for us,
Their support to us is invaluable,
They helped us get back  our smiles.

As a mom its my fervent hope,
That i mould you right,
With correct values and priorites,
Help you succeed in all aspects of life.

This i promise you, the apple of my eye,
Strive everyday to make your life bright,
I believe its true and unconditional love,
That bonds me and you forever and ever.

My darling son , i just pray,
You could see yourself through my eyes,
You would know how cherished you are,
You're the reason I'm alive!

P.S:I have been truly blessed with a loving and adoring son ! :):)

India is home for our kids

Say no to abuse!
Say no to false child abduction complaints!
Say no to the Hague Convention!
Say yes to investigating false child abduction complaints!
Say yes to this petition.

This Women's Day lets collect together to protect our children.
Spearheading change.



I feel so proud to call myself an Indian. I was lucky enough to be born in a land like the one graced by Tilak and Gokhale. Inspired by reading the Indian National Movement By Bipin Chandra and listening to Mann Ki Baat.

So , so proud of Mysuru for being the cleanest city in India. For once the startup world is pooling in capital as never before. And yes it is not enough if 68% of the 1% US immigrants from India are in top notch jobs. India has to prosper. My heart filled up when PM Modi asked the nation students to graduate and seek a job in India and help the country grow.

For the next 30 years all i ask God is the ability to give me a chance to serve my nation. The only way i can impact is through change and the Grassroots level. Education, Women Safety and Economical Resurgence has to happen at each village level.

Oh, the excitement i feel as i contemplate my efforts.


Pradish Arts

Making the world beautiful one painting at a time..


India shining

Change and progress has come to India, albeit a little late. Hurray! I've waited for the day when life
is seemless and services are available. Like take the paytm app that allows us to recharge mobile phone as and when we like and flipkart that delivers to home. There's a dominoes pizza that does a within 1/2 hour delivery and a tata docomo dongle that gives 3g on the fly. There's phone banking, online banking,recurring deposit tied accounts,zero balance accounts,credit card perks and a relationship manager too!

To top this all, there's a PM who sends updates about the country to my personal email through MyGov. A leader that actually gets things done and papers are almost devoid of scam news.There are minsiters working over the weekend in Karnataka to clear the backlog of 25000 files.

Need to wear seat belt and traffic cops here do pose hefty fines and suspend licenses. This is really unheard of
when there was a time licenses were issued even without a road test.

Then there is numerous cars that you can buy here. There's a MomNMe and a JustBooks.There's olx, magicbricks,jabong and myntra.

I can go so far as to say i don't even miss any comfort that i had in the US. Plus lots of people here help and do things just to be a good samaritan.


P.S: Loose the traffic , please!Please! PLEASE!


WebDev in 60 days

Jennifer Dewalt inspires me! She has taught me how to complete a goal with a specific timeframe in mind.If you haven't followed her story, you are definitely missing something. Read it here (http://blog.jenniferdewalt.com/post/62998082815/after-180-websites-im-ready-to-start-the-rest-of-my )

My Goal is to teach myself Web development in 60 days. You can find my progress starting from today till Dec 2 on my blog rushtalkstech.wordpress.com

Cheer me on :)


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