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The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42 as per Hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy. I think Douglas Adams was onto something here!

Research states that it is at this age that lot of really successful entrepreneurs start their super successful ventures. Most of them are employed for decades before they take a plunge.

I am at it. Gathering experience. Not so near 42.

What a statement! How true. I think its time my ex-MIL read this article and took a hard look at her own sorry, pathetic and irresponsible way of raising her own son.

My ex- MIL said that "The society would call me easy if i divorced my drunk , drug- using, infidelity filled , abusive ex - husband who was not only a horrible husband but  a terrible irresponsible father. The rules were apparently different for women". But you know me, i asked her to take her outmoded views of patriarchy and stuff it. I walked out with my head held high. Ive been making a successful life for myself and raising my son. 5 years down the line and contrary to all her assertions, the only people who are laughing are at her !

The time has come for her to apply the rules for herself. She had 37 years to raise a responsible , respectful son. She spent 30 of it blaming her husband's family , writing secret letters to her son accusing her husband's sisters, breaking up his ex-girlfriend and him, breaking up his two marriages. Well she was divorced herself! She even called her ex husband impotent and wove sorry  lies , all the while abusing , beating, insulting and torturing me. 

Well, now is the time for her to wait and watch how i raise my child! Respectful of women, well - educated, habit-free and responsible. And my son is not entitled to any special treatment just because he is a boy. He will have to do all the correct things in life, if he has to gain the respect of his mother.  

The Average Indian Parent

Is anxious. To do the best. To be the best. To buy the best.

My local grocer who has a child going to LKG has enrolled his son for daily tuitions at age 6 as he couldn't teach ICSE syllabus.

My local pharmacist has spent 56k over Outside School activity kit for his 5 year old and works with him while selling medicines and in between clients!

My neighbour has enrolled herself into numerous websites to help beat her child's iron deficiency anaemia and her home smells of freshly cooked food 3 times a day.

My final year BE exams didn't matter as much. But , my child's school admissions had me in an absolute state of panic. I crammed for 3 months to sound erudite to all the school principal's so that my child could make it to the top school in my city. I researched and made notes of the education systems in 12 different countries, wrote up a chart on why the chosen school education system was the best option for us and gave that to the Principal. Now my child's school has it on their notice board! :D .

Well, my child - the rockstar that he is didn't bat an eyelid and sailed through the interview brilliantly and they gladly welcomed him to their institution.

Rupashree Rangaiyengar : My new blog

After a jobless, cowardly cyber criminal tried and failed to harass me and my family , the problem of solving cyber crime has become an interesting point for me now, i've managed to get my entire friends group on fb read my posts with avid interest. Yay :). 

Check my work out at:


Super excited about setting up my company now. Lots of exciting lawyers and techies signing on to be a part of my venture. This seems to be a huge huge problem. Online reputation damage is so easy.

But a foolish hacker/ criminal can't comprehend if people really change their names and all their identities!

Well, here's to idiots and fools who have no better job than try to manipulate search results and go nowhere when they realise robots.txt even if manipulated can be looped back by linking on a different site. 

Hot coffee , a lovely book to read , bliss.

Signing off,

Rupashree Rangaiyengar


Rupashree Rangaiyengar:

Looking at my parents' generation , it becomes clear that they had little comfort and had to pick careers that enabled them to survive. Me and my peers had it much easier, we picked careers that helped us prosper and build wealth. I am now searching so that i can enable my son to pick a way of life that he really wants to have. I want to help him pursue what he desires and that process is not easy.

So ,i have picked an approach that follows a try all options way and eliminate one by one. Each year i expose him to two new things and observe for a year if he shows interest , talent and passion in it. Anything that he doesn't like , we discard it and anything he does we carry over to the next year. So far i have exposed him to music and tennis and he seems to be interested in both. Also he seems to be really excited to meet his  tennis friends and music teacher. He is also very kind to people he meets. This makes  me conclude that he would be excited in working on team sports and part of a team in a career. 2018 would be dedicated to swimming and coding through (code.org - their elementary school resources are amazing and i have just collated resources through course A). 

I am hoping to make him meet different people who have excelled in their fields (doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, saints, politicians etc ) and get him to understand their aims, career and way of life. I want him to travel sufficiently and explore different ways of living. Hopefully by the time he is old enough to make a choice, he has sufficiently explored several subjects and is inclined to excel in one or a few of them.

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Rupashree Rangaiyengar:

Note about Tumblr co operating Terms of Conditions :
In US:
Tumblr is located in New York, New York, and may disclose non-public account information only in accordance with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and applicable U.S. law, including the federal Stored Communications Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2701-2712.

Outside US:
In accordance with U.S. law, Tumblr may respond to requests for disclosure of non-public information from foreign law enforcement agencies when issued by way of a U.S. court (such as through a "Letter Rogatory" or mutual legal assistance treaty).

Well India signed such a treaty in criminal matters under :

Now , we start the process of getting the criminal to justice and we wait and allow law to do its job. Between also masquerading as a Sarita Singh, giving a fake number of a man living in Uttara Kannada as contact, the cyber criminal left too many open ends.

I have a cyber criminal tracking me and he/she is an amateur. Actually believes by setting up a tumblr page and statcounter can track my ip.

Are they sure they are getting the right IP and not one is using a proxy or mobile network.

LOL. A criminal and that too an inept one. Is Brooklyn closer or New York closer or Manapalan closer or Virginia closer to your place? Do you think California is also closer? Well, a truly global citizen.



Pathetic attempt to frame

Most people reading my blog know how my family was being harassed by a cyber criminal. Now this person has tried a new game and completely trapped themselves.

Getting a phone number on Arun 5k documents, creating fake documentation that it is mine and then transferring the self created fake documented money to themselves, nice try. But won't cut. The biggest thing that criminals assume is that the victim they try to target cannot defend themselves or are not smart and tech savvy themselves. That's when they get blindsided. 

They also believe they can frame people by merely reading what they post online!! How pathetic!

Now this harasser created all these fake documents on a very public mailinator website and thats when the cyber crime could download the entire fake documentation.

So now this wonderful harasser faces the following charges if caught : IT Act 67, 509,506,419, 324. Now he/she has doctored another video and mailed herself and wants to upload it online thinking she is going to scare me. Good luck to him/her. Because that offense is extraditable and uniformly a crime across all countries in the world. The harasser may be sitting jobless in a Brooklyn apartment but he/she will be extradited anyway. The digital footprint a video upload will give me in tracing him/her invaluable. One single IP slip and the criminal is trapped.

My little darling son.

Well , my little son (Baby A) has made me happy again. He has managed to shine once more and i have got another shining report card from his teachers!

I am blessed to have this little bundle of joy in my life. I just hope he can see himself through my eyes, he would know how cherished he is.

P.S: Being a single mom and a survivor of severe spousal domestic violence, i am feeling really proud today.

Facing your parents' ageing process.

PS: When my dad realised that he had to protect me and my sister's reputation once more my dad's health bounced back :). As always. We are incredibly grateful to this great man for everything he has done for his family and friends. No wonder an entire village in Heggadadevanakote worships him!
I thought of him as infallible. He was my rock.I craved my fathers approval. He was indeed the man whose stature made every other man in my life look small. He never let me down , ever.

He held my hand more than once. Lifted me up every time i fell. He made me believe i could be anything i wanted to be. He corrected me often. He taught me how to respect myself and not settle for less in my life.My dad is my hero.

Yet, today he is ageing and i don't know how to handle it. Its heart wrenching when i hold his hand often so that he doesn't stumble. I can't begin to describe the pain i feel when i see him sick or coughing.

Any inputs about how to cope with this?

Life, living and introspection

Reading Paul Kalanithi's "When Breath becomes Air" has moved me deeply. When i see his deep appreciation of literature, there is an answering voice that cries out from within me. Paul's friends were mine too.

 “Books became my closest confidants, finely ground lenses providing new views of the world.” 

Through his memoir about living and the process of death , Paul Kalanithi made me understand the meaning of life.

July 2014 was indeed a landmark year in both our lives — Paul's daughter Cady was born  and my son a few month's before that. However the parallel that connects our stories is what we tell our children .Paul succinctly tells his daughter that she filled a dying man's life with joy, happiness and hope. I tell my son that i chose to fight a life threatening post natal infection for him. A part of me had died under my soon to be ex - spouse's/his parents constant domestic abuse . My son gave me the urge to fight back and gave me back my life. This is where Paul's words resonates to the depth of my soul: 

" Most ambitions are either achieved or abandoned; either way, they belong to the past. The future, instead of the ladder toward the goals of life, flattens out into a perpetual present. Money, status, all the vanities the preacher of Ecclesiastes described, hold so little interest: a chasing after wind, indeed.” 

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