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And the project where i was the chief backend engineer won the Drum Awards for APAC. This is the first international award we won and the second international award that we were nominated for.

On track to make it to the 40 under 40 list. One more goal soon to be ticked off my bucket list.

Poised for greatness.

India has reached an inflection point. The time where the balance shifts towards rapid economic reform, justice system becoming streamlined and institutions starting to work.

There are many many people like me whose only focus in life is towards making our motherland better. Within the next 2-3 decades there won't be another country that will be in our league.

Thanks to the failed immigration laws in US,the best and the brightest of our country are coming back and setting up companies here.

I have heard the national anthems of all countries. But none of them can hold a candle to our Vande Mataram.

I will win

As, my strategy pans out

Court cases winding up slowly,

My child grows up safely,

And i recoup my strength.

I am watching my abuser,

Waiting to see him trip up,

All his past misdeed will catch up,

I will prepare.

America, your justice system failed,

To protect me and my child,

You sided with the abuser,

We will bring about the change needed.

Time for second phase of litigations,

It is fight to the finish,

O, abuser , little do you know

Chose the wrong victims to hurt.


This is the word i think about a lot. Is my life as per Dharma? Are my thoughts Dharmic? Is the food i eat and the habits i pursue befitting the path of Dharma? 

As i read up spiritual books more and more trying to find grand answers to the path of spirituality, worship and sustaining the kundalini life force, i have found a few answers. 

Food & life habits

What i eat is what influences my thoughts. So, i get deeply pained when i see people eating meat. I think of the enormous pain the dead animal might have gone through and it fills me with unbearable sadness. The vedic way of life talks about respecting the body as a temple that houses our soul and the only nourishment that the body needs is enough to survive. I have remained a staunch vegetarian.I have always been a teetotaller as a matter of principle refusing to cloud my brain with alcohol. 

And i'm not even touching science which agrees with how meat eating is harmful to the body ( creates acidic and tension causing several diseases) and destroying environment (raising by carbon emissions).

The myth of work life balance

Im flummoxed when people write about work life balance. There's nothing like that and if anyone even believes it can happen by coming in to work at 9 and leaving at 5 is the way to achieve it, they are mistaken.

I have 4 full time jobs — caring for my aged dad, caring for my son, a senior engineer  position at a startup and  music & painting. This does not even include the court cases i'm fighting to get rid of my abusive ex from our lives. This does not even contain my son's interests apart from school like Tennis and his music classes.

How do I manage? I plan every second of my day. I don't miss my parents doctor appointments, don't miss any of my son's school events or studies or extra curriculars, don't take off for even a single day at work or my music classes. What needs priority for the day — i give it my 101%. At the end of each day, i'm bone tired and overwhelmed. Then i pray to God to give me strength to do better and have a good night's sleep 

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I can't stop laughing when i think of the hilarious conversations my 5 year old has with me. Here's a few of them:

Son: Amma i will help you. (grin)
Me : Oh! Thanks munchkin. Regarding what? (baffled)
Son: If you watch laptop and mobile, your eyes will pain. I will watch mobile for you! ( runs away and starts watching cartoons)

P.S: He came up with this after i enforced half an hour only screen time rule. :D

Son : Aaaa eeee oooo ( runs around holding one of his JCB's)
Me : What are you doing?
Son : Drrr Urrr tak tak ( crash ..drops it down)

Amma it has engine trouble and is broken. Lets buy now.

P.S: He came up with this idea after i told him not to buy JCB toys everyday and only buy when things are broken down.


Son : Roaring laughter when Bear falls

Roaring laughter when Chota Bheem falls.

Roaring laughter when Tom and Jerry falls

Generally anything that slips (even me slipping) and falls tickles his funny bone.


Now & Forever

When I talk to you,

And I laugh with you,

My heart is glowing,

You make me feel.

                           [ Heart's glowing, you make me feel (*2)]


I wake up everyday,

Smiling at the previous day,

For you will always be,

My one true love.

                               [Always be , my one true love (*2)]


You are my forever,

My past and my future,

Things can never be better,

You bring me hope.

                             [Always be , my one true love (*2)]


When I told you so,

A tear fell down,

For you also know,

That i'm the one.

                    [You also know, Im the one (*2)]


When all was lost,

Destiny took over ,

We found each other,

Only death do us part.

                   [ Only death do us part (*2)]



P.S: Finally , wrote my own love song! Yay ,yay yayyy! Now off to compose a light dreamy , breezy music for this. My instagram page will have the music & lyrics soon & you can see me sing this there :) !

The French version is more beautiful to sing. So here's the french translation and ill sing that version too.


The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42 as per Hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy. I think Douglas Adams was onto something here!

Research states that it is at this age that lot of really successful entrepreneurs start their super successful ventures. Most of them are employed for decades before they take a plunge.

I am at it. Gathering experience. Not so near 42.

The Average Indian Parent

Is anxious. To do the best. To be the best. To buy the best.

My local grocer who has a child going to LKG has enrolled his son for daily tuitions at age 6 as he couldn't teach ICSE syllabus.

My local pharmacist has spent 56k over Outside School activity kit for his 5 year old and works with him while selling medicines and in between clients!

My neighbour has enrolled herself into numerous websites to help beat her child's iron deficiency anaemia and her home smells of freshly cooked food 3 times a day.

My final year BE exams didn't matter as much. But , my child's school admissions had me in an absolute state of panic. I crammed for 3 months to sound erudite to all the school principal's so that my child could make it to the top school in my city. I researched and made notes of the education systems in 12 different countries, wrote up a chart on why the chosen school education system was the best option for us and gave that to the Principal. Now my child's school has it on their notice board! :D .

Well, my child - the rockstar that he is didn't bat an eyelid and sailed through the interview brilliantly and they gladly welcomed him to their institution.

Rupashree Rangaiyengar : My new blog

After a jobless, cowardly cyber criminal tried and failed to harass me and my family , the problem of solving cyber crime has become an interesting point for me now, i've managed to get my entire friends group on fb read my posts with avid interest. Yay :). 

Check my work out at:


Super excited about setting up my company now. Lots of exciting lawyers and techies signing on to be a part of my venture. This seems to be a huge huge problem. Online reputation damage is so easy.

But a foolish hacker/ criminal can't comprehend if people really change their names and all their identities!

Well, here's to idiots and fools who have no better job than try to manipulate search results and go nowhere when they realise robots.txt even if manipulated can be looped back by linking on a different site. 

Hot coffee , a lovely book to read , bliss.

Signing off,

Rupashree Rangaiyengar


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